Posted by: Crystal Magic | October 22, 2009

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Posted by: Crystal Magic | September 11, 2009

Gratitude after the Burn

We the Happy Burners

Happy Burners

“What a long strange trip it’s been…” played at the casino on the way home from Burning Man. How appropriate!

Four dusty, dried-out, tired individuals dined on casino prime rib on the way home from a week at Black Rock City (BRC, the temporary home of Burning Man). We were giddy with wild memories, worn out from sleeping at odd hours and sensory overload, and a bit stunned to be back in the world of flush toilets and paying for food. (Gifting is part of Burning Man so everything out there from liquor to very cool workshops to pancake breakfasts was free.)

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Posted by: Crystal Magic | August 25, 2009

Pennies for world peace?

A penny (or two) for your thoughts...

A penny (or two) for your thoughts...

Last week I was feeling down and out, walking slumped over and with my chin dragging to the ground.

As I gazed down (easy to do when you’re that close to the ground), I found a penny on the sidewalk. I instantly remembered the phrase “Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.” Suddenly my spirit lifted and I felt happy and fortunate. That week I continued to find pennies everywhere I went! It was astounding how I found one almost daily for a week.

Finally the lesson came to me…

Such a thing of little value and yet how easily it brought a smile to my face! What a simple way to add some sunshine to a stranger’s life?!

Do you usually grimace when you receive a pile of pennies in your change? Instead, how about randomly dropping those pennies throughout the day while infusing each with positive thoughts and blessings?

And if you are feeling extra generous, drop nickels, dimes, and eventually graduate to quarters! (Dropping cash might cause car wrecks so be careful with that act of generosity!)

Revel in your abundance today and share the wealth! You can raise the world’s vibration… one penny at a time!

Here’s a (virtual) penny for your thoughts!

Posted by: Crystal Magic | August 20, 2009

In gratitude to Burning Man

It's not snow...

It's not snow...

I awakened today from a dream of white dust slowly obscuring the views of the mountains and  the trailer next door. Dusty half-naked people straggle by on bikes, wearing goggles and masks…  Each hour I feel more and more that my boyfriend and I are in a private, shrinking world by ourselves. The air grows thicker and thicker with white fog seeping through the door and windows. Soon the view outside is of pure white nothingness. The sound of our trailer’s awning flapping in the wind raps a strange beat, as our sense of sight dims. I wonder, is this is a nightmare? No, I’m actually enjoying this strange dream!

Wait! This is no dream. This is the day the Man burned at last year’s Burning Man gathering! That day the dust blew in and did not clear up till about 8pm at night. At that time we donned our fur and anti-dust gear and biked out into the desert where we saw strange vehicles spewing fire, aliens from unknown worlds dancing and cheering, and the burning of the Man (an effigy burnt as an act of radical self-expression), as fireworks shot off overhead and music blared from all around.

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